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Brendan Fehr: alien among us

Brendan Fehr may bear an eerie resemblance to David Duchovny, but he never expected to land a lead role on the WB’s Roswell. In fact, the 22-year-old Canadian wasn’t too crazy about entering the sci-fi dimension. “I was dead-set against it at first,” he says. “Sci-fi can be done two ways–very good or very bad. I didn’t want my first experience to be a slimy, green alien.”

Fortunately, Brendan was able to keep his own natural skin tone as rebel alien Michael–and now he’s glad he took the gig. “It turned out to be a great choice,” he says. Plus, he’s getting plenty of off-screen training for the part: This small town native’s move to ritzy-glitzy Los Angeles has left him pretty disoriented. “Ask a person from the country what his impression [of L.A.] is and it’s usually not good,” Brendan says. “But I’ll learn to like it–definitely.”

Thanks to the critical success of Roswell, and an upcoming role in the psychic thriller Final Destination, Brendan has proven his gift for conquering the unknown world. How does he feel about his nearly overnight success? “You couldn’t ask for much better than this,” he says.

–Heather Duffy-Stone


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