Shiri Appleby: Babe of the Day

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Babe of the Day: Shiri Appleby

You’ve seen this cutie on Roswell, now see her as BOTD

December 16, 1999
by Adam

Babe: Shiri Appleby

Age: 21

Current Project: Roswell

Past Projects: The Thirteenth Floor, The Other Sister

Reader Testimonial: “I was watching Rosewell last night and Shiri Appleby really caught my eye (of course Catherine Heigl did too, but she has rightfully earned her spot already). She is a little cutie!!! Those lips are way sexy (the ones on her face for those of us whose mind is in the gutter)!!! Help me out here, if for any other reason than we share the same name.” –Adam
Adam Says: I resisted running Shiri as BOTD because, juding by the pictures, I thought she was like 15. Well, I finally got around to checking and it turns out she’s old enough to drink! Boy, do I have egg on my face. So Shiri, welcome to BOTD!