Colin HanksLeading Scoop On Colin’s New Movie


Another cute guy movie alert: the upcoming “Whatever It Takes” (March 24). How’s this for a line-up: Shane West, from “Once and Again,” Colin Hanks from “Roswell,” James Franco from “Freaks and Geeks” and “Get Real’s” Scott Vickaryous. Yum.

The movie is a modern day Cyrano DeBergerac tale, with the guys plotting to get the girls — in this case “She’s All That” star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, “The Practice’s” Marla Sokoloff and Christine Lakin from “Step by Step” — to hook up with them. As if those guys NEED to plot to get chicks. . .

Mandy Note: I saw the trailer for this movie last night when I went and saw Scream 3. And yes, the scardy-cat Mandy went and saw Scream 3 by herself at 11 p.m. last nite-long story but the trailer was pretty funny.