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More on the Colin as Anakin Rumors…


Star Wars: Episode 2: Numerous reports have been flowing in over the last few days over the Net that Tom Hanks’ son Colin is currently in the lead for the role of Anakin Skywalker. Aldera.Net says he’s been spotted on the Skywalker Ranch numerous times, had a reading with Natalie Portman this past weekend, and if all goes well could be signed sometime within the next fortnight. Naturally when it comes to casting this role there’s a LOT of bullshit floating around out there, however leading SW news site TheForce.Net seems to agree that the report seems quite solid and has seen some “rather convincing proof” that its genunie, however they’re appropriately sceptical “We’ll all just have to wait and see”. One name that can be ruled out of the running now is Paul Walker whom has been cast in the new flick “Redline” (aka. “Racer X”) which has just announced a shooting schedule of this Summer – thus timewise Walker wouldn’t be able to do the part. Thanks to ‘O.J.’