Mishmash Of Roswell Information (Yet Again)

I know I’ve been slacking with news but I’ve had car issues so please be gentle with me.

Thanks to Peggy for this and anyone else who wrote in to mention Emilie’s appearance

TONIGHT – Per Craig Kilborn’s announcement, Emile de Raven is appearing
on his “Late, Late Show”, on Thursday, October 19. It airs in LA at
12:35 am, after the Late Show with David Letterman. (technically, the
show is on very early in the morning the next day, so set your VCR

Thanks to Megan for this

Also, check out Majandra Delfino in “The Secrte Life of Girls.” These are
the listings for Utah….check your listings for your times….

The Secret Life of Girls
90 min.
Coming-of-age story set in 1973, about a 15-year-old (Majandra Delfino)
trying to deal with growing up while her oddball parents are divorcing.
Ruby: Linda Hamilton. Hugh: Eugene Levy. Kay: Meagan Good. Kay (age 40):
Kate Vernon. Jim: Aeryk Egan.

Cast: Linda Hamilton, Eugene Levy, Majandra Delfino, Meagan Good, Kate
Vernon, Aeryk Egan, Andrew Ducote, Leor Livneh Hackel, Vyto Ruginis, Keith
Bogart, Bonnie Dickenson, Phyllis Avery, Joanne Baron, Kimberly Beck, Dusty
Kay, Alex Thomas, Patrick Renna, Tommy Parada, Kai Lennox, David Crowley
Category: Movie , Comedy
Director: Holly Goldberg Sloan
Release Year: 1999

Date Channel
Sat 21 7:00 PM 502 ROMCL
Sun 22 12:00 AM 502 ROMCL
Sun 22 2:00 PM 502 ROMCL

Thanks to otrigo and Sk8rb182 for this.

Majandra will be chatting August 26 at 7 pm et at
alloy.com. For more info go to Alloy Chat

Thanks to otrigo for this as well

I was chatting today at Nick.com where they had Shiri
Appleby as a guest and just before she left someone
asked her if there was anything else she would like to
say before the chatting session ended and she said
don’t miss Roswell, Monday nights on the WB and then
someone said don’t miss Shiri this Saturday on “The
Amanda Show” on Nickelodeon. I will watch

Here’s an interesting observation by Nita..

Hey, this is just some strange information I thought you might find
interesting. There have been some postings on Crashdown saying that Roswell
was mentioned in both “Animorphs” by K.A. Applegate and “Fearless” by
Francine Pascal, who also wrote the Sweet Valley High series. I read an
interview by K.A. Applegate saying that she wrote some of the Sweet Valley
stories under then name of Francine Pascal (there are a lot of authors who
write those books), maybe she wrote one for “Fearless” too? Just a guess.
Maybe she’s trying to help Roswell! :)

Thanks to violet for this :)

I was at the Shiri Chat on thursday..and she answered my question.

I haven’t been able to transcribe the whole thing, just the part that she
answered for my question. The rest should be up at nick.com soon.

This is my transcription of my question she answered:

MODERATOR>Violet2911 is asking this from the Blab Library
violet2911>what have you read recently?
SPEAKER_Shiri_Appleby>ooh, good question, violet. Today I finished “The
Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks…
SPEAKER_Shiri_Appleby>and then before that I read “The Bridges of Madison
County” for the first time and I cried a lot!
SPEAKER_Shiri_Appleby>and I just read “Summer Sisters” by Judy Blume. And
today I started the second Harry Potter.