Roswell, now mon to fri in Latinamerica

Thanks to Germán for this:

From tomorrow May 1st on, Roswell will also air every monday to friday in
Latinamerica! Every mon to fri 7 p.m. in South latinamerica and 6 p.m. in
North. This is May schedule for daily Roswell:
May 1st- “Pilot”
May 2nd- “Morning after”
May 3rd- “Monsters”
May 4th- “Leaving normal”
May 7th- “Missing”
May 8th- “285 South”
May 9th- “River dog”
May 10th- “Blood brothers”
May 11th- “Heat wave”
May 14th- “Balance”
May 15th- “Toy House”
May 16th- “Into the woods”
May 17th- “The UFO convention”
May 18th- “Blind date”
May 21th- “Independence day”
May 22th- “Sexual healing”
May 23th- “Crazy”
May 24th- “Tess, lies and videotape”
May 25th- “Four square”
May 28th- “Max to the Max”
May 29th- “White room”
May 30th- “Destiny”
May 31th- “Skin and bones”
Of course, Roswell stills airing its new episodes every Saturday 7 p.m. in
South Latinamerica and Wednesdays 8 p.m. in North., on Canal Fox.