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THE STANDOUTS – April 2002 Movieline

Thanks to Barb for sending this in

In the April 2002 issue of Movieline magazine, there is a nice review for Jason Behr.

The article is titled THE STANDOUTS. The lead in says “Every year a handful of performances by young actors are remembered for their complexity, originality and depth. Here are the top 10 of 2001, which have been nominated for Movieline’s Fourth Annual Young Hollywood Awards.”

There is a picture of Jason on page 60; his performance review for The Shipping News is on page 62.

“Unlike most teen-show stars, Jason Behr of “Roswell” waited two years before parlaying his success into a next-step film role. His judgment when he did decide to leap was sound and savvy. In director Lasse Hallstrom’s much-anticipated screen adaptation of Annie Proulx’s best-seller The Shipping News, he took a supporting role in the company of Oscar winners Kevin Spacey and Judi Dench, and he played against his teen-dream type as the bearded, bashful blue-collar carpenter Dennis Buggit. Behr managed to portray a small town oddball withouot making him into a caricature, and campep up with a credible Nova Scotia twang while he was at it. He also had moments of emotional intensity that were perfectly integrated with the standards set by his more illustrious costars. Though The Shipping News didn’t sail at the box office, Behr was good in the movie, and it serves notice that he’s going to prefer challenges in prestige films to slam dunks in middle-of-the- road fare.