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‘Swimfan’ Movie and Trailer Information

Thanks to Michelle for this :)

I went to see Borne Identity this weekend and they showed the trailer of
Shiri Appleby’s Swimfan that will open September.

Thanks to M01t1nhdAu for this :)

i just saw Minority report and i saw the trailer for shiri movie ” Swimfan” this trailer has more details into the movie. I was very good too.

Thanks to Katie14808 for this :)

I was reading today in the august issue of YM magazine that Shiri’s new movie, Swimf@n ( dropped the 85 I guess ) is going to be released in the U.S. on September 6th in theaters everywhere. Its a full page ad on page #87. Its a picture in the middle of Shiri and Jesse Bradford. Its really cool, make sure to check it out! I hope this helps!