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Nick Wechsler will guest on ‘Tru Calling’ 4/29

Thanks Jessica Valenti for this:

Nick Wechsler will appear on the Season Finale of ‘Tru Calling’ airing Thursday, April 29th, on FOX.

Spoilers possible:

Tru and Davis remain stunned by the revelation that Jack can relive days like Tru. Excited to have a new partner, Tru teams up with Jack to ensure a doctor’s dying wish to help others in his life, but as the day progresses, Tru becomes increasingly suspicious of Jack’s intentions. And when Jack attempts to stop Tru from saving an innocent victim, she comes to the startling realization that he isn’t her ally but her enemy.

Guest Cast:
Andrew Airlie as Frank Colvin
John Reardon as Randall
[b]Nick Wechsler as Marc Colvin[/b] Lisa Waltz as Grace
Leanna Nash as Nadine.

Source: FOX