LeadingShiri Appleby

New project for Shiri: “Wake”

A new project has been added to the filmography of Shiri Appleby. According to imdb.com she is going to star in a film called “Wake” directed by Ellie Kanner and written by Lennox Wiseley.

Shiri plays a young woman, Lila, in this movie alongside Kiele Sanchez, Sprague Grayden and Bruno Campos.

The synopsis says the following:

‘Wake’ is about a young woman who, in her struggle to experience emotion, attends the funerals of strangers. At one of the funerals, she meets a man mourning his fiancée. As he helps her come to terms with her complex feelings about passion and death, she finds herself falling in love… until she discovers that he may have murdered his fiancée – and she could be next.

The production is expected to begin in June in Los Angeles.