LeadingShiri Appleby

Today: World Premiere of “To Love & Die”

Today, “Love and Die” premiers on the USA Network.

Shiri Appleby plays a fun-loving 30-something with abandonment issues becomes convinced that her dating problems will be resolved if she can only track down the father she never knew. When she finds him (Tim Matheson), she discovers that he’s an assassin and that she may have found her calling.

Zap2it.com published 11 episode stills of the pilot. Please follow this link to take a look.

The pilot airs at 8 p.m. with an encore set for midnight.

A little fun fact. On the USA Network Schedule page a typing error has crept into the banner. It says TO LIVE AND DIE. In addition several links, listed on google, forward to the official USA website with “liveordie” in the Url, so they used to call the series “To Live or Die”.