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Interview: Kristoffer Polaha: Life Unexpected, High Ratings Projected

Today a new interview with Kristoffer Polaha from “Life Unexpected” was published. In this interview about the upcoming CW show, the actor was asked about his guest starring on “Roswell”.

Make sure to read the full interview, in which we also learn that Shiri and her on-screen daughter are living together, on Interview: Kristoffer Polaha: Life Unexpected, High Ratings Projected

[…] You and Shiri both have pre-CW stints on your resume, back when it was still The WB — you were once a hardcore masked vigilante on Birds of Prey, and you once guest-starred Shiri’s show, Roswell.

I did! I had one episode — I don’t think we shared any screen time together, but I worked with Katie Heigl and Adam Rodriguez, but I saw Shiri off-set a couple of days and got to know her, so that when we saw each other at screen tests for Life Unexpected, it was like old friends.

How would you say Shiri’s changed since that job, if at all?

I can’t answer that, because I didn’t know her well enough to know who she was then. But I can speak to the fact that I’m having a blast working with her now. She’s a really professional actress. She comes to the set with her A-game every time, and we just have a lot of fun. Kerr Smith, Shiri Appleby and I went up to Whistler last weekend and celebrated Shiri’s birthday, and just had a blast! So the fact that we’re enjoying each other’s friendship off-camera as well as on speaks to the nature of the project and speaks to the chemistry on-set between everybody. It’s good stuff.