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Shiri’s Sunday Ritual

Thanks to Lux-Source.com:

Shiri Appleby shared her nerdy Sunday ritual with PEOPLE.

In this section of the website, stars reveal their favorite people, places and things. The actress tells that she loves her sunday issue of the New York Times.

“I really love my New York Times Sunday newspaper. [laughs] I love it. I love the styles section, I love reading the wedding announcements, I love reading modern love, I like reading the arts and leaders section, I like the weekend review, I love Maureen Dowd, I love the New York Times Sunday issue. I’m a nerd. I don’t know how to say it. I love to cook and read the paper. No one wants to date me… this sucks.”

Please make sure to watch Shiri’s confession on www.people.com. Shiri, this doesn’t make you a nerd but a sophisticated woman.