Roswell Read-a-thon – The Dark One #9

“Let’s read the Roswell books together!”

Have you finished reading book number eight, yet? The tag line of the next book on our reading list is ‘True love never dies.’ and sadly it is the second to last book of the “Roswell High” series by Melinda Metz.

Anyway, please make sure to join us and discuss the book series. We want a Roswell Movie created a public event for the Roswell Read-a-thon which you can find here. If you don’t own the books, take a look below and buy the digital version for your eBook reader.

#09 – The Dark One

Simon & Schuster Adobe DRM (eBook) NOOK Book (eBook) | Kindle Edition

Book Description: True love never dies.

Isabel has run away from home, and Max knows her life is in danger. He has to find her and save her, but time is ticking away.

Alex is back on Earth, and he’s a changed man. He looks better, feels better, and is ready to live life to the fullest – without Isabel Evans. Little does he know he’s the only person that can help the ailing Isabel. Will Alex be able to put aside his pride and save the live of this former love?

First Sentence: “All of you, backs against the wall,” Kyle Valenti ordered, his voice harsh.

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