11-day-Roswell-Celebration – Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary,
Liz and Max!

Did you re-watch the finale episode of “Roswell”, yesterday?

It’s so sad to see Liz, Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria and Kyle leaving “Roswell”, but the very last scene at the end of the series was a perfect ending. Don’t you think?

Although the show ended way before it should have, they ride off into the distance… and leave us with the feeling that “they are still out there somewhere.” (Perfect for a movie…)

Jason Katims said in an interview with “There’s definitely closure for Max and Liz. At the end of the episode, our characters essentially are — I’m not sure, I’m just thinking as I say this whether I should say this — at the end, there’s a sense of them going off together as a group, leaving Roswell, but being together.”

“I like the image of that ending, because it gives you the sense that these characters are still out there somewhere.” – Jason Katims

Max and Liz got married in a little roadside chapel. They didn’t have a big wedding, but a simple and sweet one with their best friends around. What do you think about the very last scene of the show?

“I’m Liz Parker and I am happy.”

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With the 11-day-Roswell-Celebration we can show everyone and especially FOX, that fans are craving for more and thanks to Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas… studios know now what fan-power can accomplish these days.

Please spread the word and tell your friends. Even if you don’t have a glimpse of hope that a movie could be made, please join us and just talk about your favorite show.

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