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Nick’s Twitter Account Is Verfied

Nick Wechsler had no rush in joining the social media world, but he finally decided to join the craziness. His friend JR Bourne tweeted fittingly “I’d like to announce the following…hell has frozen over! Welcome my good friend @Nick_Wechsler”.

In just six days he made about 5,000 followers.. with just one Tweet and an egg profile picture. Yesterday, he “hatched” and changed the standard avatar to a lovely headshot photo.

His friends and co-stars already stated, that it’s really Nick as well as his publicist, but since yesterday Nick received the verified badge. This makes it much easier for his new followers, since there’s still a fake account online as well. Start to follow Nick now, if you’re not doing so already: @Nick_Wechsler

We can’t wait for his funny tweets. Let the nightmare begin.

Which Roswell actor would you love to join next? Jason Behr? Brendan Fehr?

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