Baron And Toluca

#BandT – The Pieces Are Coming Together

clue4The #BandT-mystery story continues. Without a long wait for the next hint, fans received another sneak peek.

As the saying goes, the plot thickens, as Brendan commented on Majandra’s tweet, “She be like, ‘I told you these jackets were gonna be too hot.'” Well, it turned out pretty cool.

The newest piece of the photo shows a little bit more of the beautiful shot, which was taken in front of Vasquez Rocks. Majandra is wearing a leather jacket as well as the person next to her.

In case you missed it, more pictures were shared by Majandra, and they are marked with the mysterious hashtag #BandT.  Fans are asking if the ‘puzzle’ pieces are hints and teases pointing to a new project (?). Please check previously posted articles about the other hints and tweets from them here.

Roswell fans are asking if it could be a Roswell project like a Candy spin-off with tough rockn’ roll versions of Maria and Michael? Nova wrote on Twitter “That’s @unrealfehr chin for sure! Omg if they announce a spin-off #Roswell show I’m gonna die!!” All we can do is speculate. They wouldn’t create such a hype without any reason and just because, right? Hopefully not!

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