Baron And Toluca

“Baron and Toluca” Project Announced


Vasquez Rocks, Majandra, Leather Jackets oh my!
Looks like we are all on a candy high! – Nomi, @RoswellBack

Fans weren’t that far away with their guesses, Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr are Back and Together.

With little hints the actors kept us curious and built a huge excitement over the past weeks. They made us wonder what #BandT could be and some fan theories definitely went into the right direction.

It’s not exactly what you think

With the launch of their website, Majandra just announced their new project via a picture with the web address and some fan theories were right: It’s Brendan in the picture with Majandra!

#BandT or to be more accurate „B + T” stands for the characters names Baron and Toluca.

Can you hear the familiar tone of the names? A well known rhythm?

The two actors often expressed their love for the characters they played on Roswell many times. They took matters into their own hands with a show that would bring everything together fans loved about the spicy candy couple.


It’s not a spin-off in which they will reprise their Roswell roles, but something completely new.

From the official B + T website:

MORE ABOUT Baron and Toluca

Life begins to imitate art, when Baron and Toluca find themselves in a familiar part of New Mexico.

Despite their torrid past, they team up in a frantic attempt to unravel a paranormal mystery threatening to kill them both.

Here’s hoping they figure it all out in time… if they can just keep from killing each other first…

So, when and where can you see B + T? Well, we can help to make it happen.

We are asked to tell Netflix, that we need B + T.


Let’s spread the word about this! Head on over to the official website and check out the promotional photo in its full glory. There, you can find some directions on what to tweet and when to tweet.

The promotion starts today and every Saturday until we reached our goal. Please ensure to use the hashtag #NETFLIXforBandT in all of your tweets and let everyone know about it.

By clicking the Tweet button on this page, you can easily send out your first tweet.

We will tweet #NETFLIXforBandT EVERY SATURDAY at 6 PM EST until our voices are heard.

2 thoughts on ““Baron and Toluca” Project Announced

  • I’m not normally one to speculate publicly, but does anybody else get the impression from the description that they’re maybe playing fictionalised versions of themselves (as in Majandra and Brendan)? ‘Life begins to imitate art’ – so their characters used to play a couple in a sci-fi show (and possibly dated in real life, like I recall MD and BF did) and now sci-fi stuff is happening in their lives for real?

  • Please show BandT on Netflix as would love to see a spinoff of Roswell. Like you have done for full house.

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