#BandT-Mystery Solved

4b96e45500bd51ef769b9f8bac0cdc2cHere’s a quick update on the #BandT-mystery:

  • B + T is a new project from Majandra and Brendan – NOT Roswell related!
  • an official website has been revealed by Majandra: www.baronandtoluca.com
  • @BaronAndToluca seems to be the official Twitter*
  • the first promotional photo has been launched via the official website
  • the story is written, the pieces in place.. the rest is up to you
  • help to make this project happen and let NETFLIX know, that you want B + T
  • fans are asked to tweet to NETFLIX every Saturday at 6 PM EST until our voices are heard
  • add the hashtag #NETFLIXforBandT to your tweets
  • spread the word about it EVERYWHERE

*not confirmed, yet… but joined in February 2016!

//EDIT: added the time to tweet!

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