Baron And Toluca

Why The Giveaway ROCKS!

giveaway_bandtThe locked video which revealed the main prize of the B+T Giveaway is now public and viewable on Crashdown’s YouTube page. It’s called “A Giveaway that ROCKS”, because you can win a mini sculpture of the infamous rock formation Vasquez Rocks, which was created by – and purchased by as a fan treat.

The landscape beautifully connects the Roswell past with a future in which we can hopefully soon watch B+T on Netflix. Don’t wait any longer and join the giveaway now!

In addition, we started to release the fan entries.

Please take a photo of your Honey + Tea package, letter or postcard and if you used Mypostcard or even Amazon in order to send Mr. Friedlander your sweet & spicy message, you can participate as well. Please take a screenshot of the confirmation e-mail and upload the file (no. 3 in the form). Please keep your address and personal info private.

Good luck to everyone entering! And remember: You will inspire other fans & dans to join the HONEY + TEA campaign!!

ICYMI, the B+T promo is now availabe on YouTube.

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A Giveaway That ROCKS