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B+T Giveaway – 1st Entry Released

001_giveaway_bandt_trisha Last week we launched A Giveaway That ROCKS and starting now, we will release the B+T entries. Today we show you the first entry that was submitted. Please stay tuned for more posts over the week and make sure to join the B+T Campaign: Sweet As Honey. Spicy As Tea. NETFLIX, Please Bring Us B+T!, and submit photos of your packages, postcards or letters. We really would love to see them. In addition, they will inspire fans!

The first entry was submitted by Trisha. As far as we know, she was also the first fan who posted a photo of her letters on social media on the day of the annoucement of PHASE 2. This rocks!

Thanks for your support Trisha!

Visit this page and find out more: Trisha’s B+T Package ROCKS

BTW… the locked video is now public…. just in case that you were wondering what the main prize will be!

Main Prize

More information will follow soon.

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