Baron And Toluca

Baron And Toluca – Digital Painting

As a long time fan of Roswell, Velm supports Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr’s project Baron And Toluca. During her Crashdown interview Velm made the promise to create a digital painting which centers on Baron And Toluca. In case you missed it, Velm is a digital artist from Canada and she recently decided to create some artwork which features her TV favorites. Her Roswell cast painting received not just lovely feedback from fellow fans but also stars and writers from the show were impressed.

She just finished working on her artwork in oder to promote the potential show. Everyone is welcome to to “use it, as they wish, in order to promote the project.“

She adds, “It seems very cool to give Roswell a second life (kind of).“

She also posted a high quality image, she adds her hopes for the project to receive a series order. „I hope with all my heart that Netflix gives a positive response.“

We hope to receive some good news soon. The promo is simply amazing and brings back all the feelings in a fresh and unique new show.

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