“Roswell, NM” – The Sheriffs Department Grows

The IMDb page for The CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico” has been updated again. While the Sheriff is still not listed, the law enforcement department continues to grow.

As reported earlier, Phil Duran plays Officer Gary Valenti. In our article “Roswell NM” – New Cast Additions from March 26th, we reported that Phil Duran served the community working as a Deputy Sheriff for 20 years before he pursued a career in acting.

The newly addition to the cast list is the Sheriffs Deputy (uncredited in the pilot), who is played by Rick Anglada and he has some practical experience, as well. His IMDb page reveals, that since his retirement from a long career in law enforcement, he has been involved in several roles as a background actor.

Those two are truly bringing expert knowledge to the job! They can take Nathan Parsons under their wing, since he plays Liz Ortecho’s teenage crush, who is a police officer.

“our sheriff is a woman. ✌” – Carina Adly MacKenzie

The Sheriff in the “Roswell High” books and in the on-screen adaption by Jason Katims was a man. In this new version, a woman plays this role. (Read more here.) We haven’t seen any behind the scenes pictures yet and we assume that The CW and the showrunner are waiting for a good moment for the big announcement.

Why else should it be such a well kept secret? What are your thoughts about it?

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