Shiri Appleby

Shiri Directs An Episode Of “New Amsterdam”

The third season of NBC’s medical drama “New Amsterdam” is currently in production and Shiri Appleby is directing an episode.

She announced the news around January 15, when she shared a photo in her Instagram story: A selfie in front of a “New Amsterdam” poster. She wrote “I’m so excited to be in NYC directing a new episode of New Amsterdam.”

Shiri added additional photos from the tech scout day, with Tyler Labine and New Amsterdam’s DP Andrew Voegeli. In addition to her mask, Shiri wears a face shield to stay safe during production. Like other shows, “New Amsterdam” will tackle the pandemic in the episodes.

She also shared a script of the episode, but with all information hidden. We still learn that Shiri is the director of episode eight.

The new season of “New Amsterdam” premieres March 2, 2021 at 10/9c on NBC.

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