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The Random Fandom Chronicles Chats B+T

Edited by Tina

A group of three friends teamed up in order to monthly talk about their favorite movies, books, tv shows and fandoms. It’s a great mash up of memorable fandoms from the present and past and you can listen to their rumblings in a podcast called “The Random Fandom Chronicles”.

Hailey, Michelle and Sophie met last year through the Roswell fandom and while they are chatting about all the things they love, it is no wonder that they all are big supporters of “Baron And Toluca”.

Episode Eight of their podcast is the first part of a two part special. In their first chat, they are talking about memories and how pumped they are for this amazing show.

Show Notes

This month we are discussing Baron + Toluca, a favorite fandom for all three of us! B+T was how we met, what we’re passionate about, and what we can talk about for hours on end. We love it so much, and there’s so much to cover – so we’ve split it across 2 poddies! Part 1 is a recap of B+T, what it’s about, a little history, and what Michelle has been getting up to at the Roswell UFO Fest in relation to the Baron + Toluca campaign.

Baron + Toluca is a spiritual successor series brought to you by our favorite OG Roswell dynamic duo; Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr. AKA Michael Guerin and Maria Deluca. AKA Spaceboy and That Maria Girl. AKA Candy. AKA Salad Tossers. AK–okay, you get our drift.

“TRFC chats Baron + Toluca (Pt1)” was released on July 28, 2021 and you can find the podcast on Buzzsprout and Spotify. The second part of their “Baron And Toluca” coverage drops on August 25, 2021.