Baron And TolucaMajandra Delfino

MajandraMarchMadness – A B+T Update

Edited by Tina

“Here’s a pic and an update from the better half of B+T…,” says the latest update on Indiegogo from March 24th, which features a behind the scenes photo from the filming that shows Majandra Delfino with headphones while she is watching the production through a monitor as well as a video with an update and a thank you message.

Brendan and their editor Bones did some editing and now they are at a stage where Brendan and Majandra are working on the “Baron And Toluca” pilot every day in order to fine tune the episode.

Please watch the full message which includes a thank you as well below. You can still show your support with some awesome merchandise! Head on over to Indiegogo and join the campaign.