B+T Pilot Screening Sept. 10th 2 PM in Paris, France

Edited by Tina

The starting time for the B+T screening on September 10th in Paris has been announced!

From 2 to 3.30 PM the “Baron + Toluca” Pilot episode is celebrating its European premiere at the Repertory Cinema Cinéma Christine in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, France. Buy your ticket now and write DansInParis@gmail.com.

More information about different ticket options are available on the website for the event, www.dansinparis.com, where you can stock up your B+T merchandise collection and you can find out more about unique perks.

The interactive Q&A Panel with Brendan and Majandra will follow immediately after until 4 PM. Then, the signing session with the co-creators and actors starts.

Follow “Dans in Paris” on Twitter @dans_inparis and Instagram @dansinparis for news and updates!

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