Mention of Renewal Efforts on

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Kim Bundy mentioned the Renewal campaign in her Roswell summary this week at

A portion of the article follows:

[…] While Warner Brothers continues to show return episodes, Roswell fans are stepping up their save Roswell campaigns. Some of them are reporting replies from WB employees and cast members. The program change from Wednesdays to Mondays has these passionate fans proclaiming their love for Roswell with letters, petitions and bottles of Tabasco sauce despite optimistic commentary from WB employees and cast participating in chats. If you’re interested in adding your support to the save Roswell campaigns, email me and I’ll pass on the information fans have sent to me.

During last Thursday’s chat on fans asked about Roswell. WB moderators said Roswell is being moved to Monday in order to better promote the show by airing it after 7th Heaven, their most popular show. It is their hope fans will stay after and tune in to Roswell. Meanwhile the cast of Roswell are busy making ads for Levi’s new campaign and appearing in a number of teen magazines. Rumor has it that Hollywood Variety will be running a full page ad on April 10th–the day beginning the new Monday time slot. This month’s Teen Choice awards have not yet been determined but Roswell is running ahead [as of 03-22] […]


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