Silver Handprint Campaign – from TVGuide Ultimate Cable

Thanks to Jackie for sending this in!

Our very own IrishQueen (Erin) was interviewed for this article on the Silver Handprint Campaign, which can be found on page 4 of the September 3-8 edition of TV Guide Ultimate Cable magazine:

by Rochell Thomas

Roswell fans raise silver-painted fingers to save their favorite aliens

Roswell fans are back — and they’re organized. Three months before the WB teen drama’s Oct. 2 season premiere, fanatics from Houston, TX. to Milford, PA, started sending posters like the one pictured at left to national TV critics (including TV Guide’s Matt Roush).

According to the fan site, mailing the homemade placards is the first wave of their Silver Handprint Campaign. Their goal? To get more publicity (guess we fell for that one) so more people will tune in, ratings will improve and the WB will order at least nine more episodes of the sci-fi saga (which now has a 13-episode commitment). “One group wanted to bombard WB with letters right away”, says one of the organizers, Erin McCoy, 16, from Rocky Mountain, NC. “But we asked them not to. It’s too early and timing is everything.” Roswell creator Jason Katims agrees. “One of the reasons their Tabasco campaign helped last season was because they got involved early,” he says, referring to the thousands of bottles fans sent WB executives when the drama was on the cusp of cancellation. Will it work this year? “I hope so,” McCoy says, “Call us crazy, but we’re in love with that show.” -Rochell Thomas