Francis: The Mother of All Aliens – Spoiler

Thanks to Kate Ancel for sending this in!

From ABC Soaps:

Francis: The Mother of All Aliens

Daytime superstar Genie Frances (Laura, General Hospital), who has been increasing her exposure on primetime of late, has landed a pivital role on the WB’s acclaimed alien soap ROSWELL.

The In Depth Story:

According to a WB spokesperson, Francis will appear on the season finale of Roswell on Monday, May 15, playing the mother of teen E.T.’s Max and Isabel. “She shows up in a vision delivering a message,” says the rep, adding that if the network renews the cult hit, her character “could very well return.”

Roswell, on which Francis’ real-life husband, Jonathan Frakes, serves as executive producer, marks the soap icon’s third stint on primetime this year. ”

It then goes on to talk more in depth about Francis and her other appearances. This is the only part that is relevant to Roswell.


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