Cinescape – Roswell Talk – Jonathan Frakes

Thanks to Janice for sending this to me :) It can be found at Cinescape.

‘Roswell’ Talk
Jonathan Frakes is talking about how his Roswell TV series
evolved from being Dawson’s Creek-like to the more fully
science fiction series it became in its last six episodes.
While talking to SCIFI.COM, Frakes spoke of where the
series currently thematically stands, saying, “It evolved, in
all honesty, into a show much more about the mythology of
the aliens than about the angst about teen romance. It’s
really become, in a lot of ways, about Max, who is, as
[creator] Jason Katims likes to refer to him, not unlike
Michael Corleone–he tried to get out, but he’s always
brought back. He is the leader, he is the number-one alien;
and it’s a great character for that. In the beginning of this
coming season, all of the aliens in the show, certainly, are
going to have to lead their lives in a different way; their lives
have been changed forever. Which is exciting and
challenging and I think is going to make for some great
stories. There is going to be a great [revelation] of something
that I’m not supposed to divulge in the first episode, which
will help. And I think, at the end of the last episode, we
certainly let them know that our aliens are not the only
aliens out there, which is also an appeal–and fuel for a lot of
the season next year.”

When asked about the path the alien characters are now on
for the season ahead, Frakes answers, “They have begun to
find out where they came from, and they’ve begun to
understand who the character Nacedo is. And in the
beginning of the second season, there will be an event that
will alter the way our aliens lead their lives. So it’s no longer
going to be just between humans. We now have human-alien
relationships, alien-alien relationships, and the fact that
there are other races of aliens here on Earth with us, so it’s
a pretty cool sci-fi concept, I think.”