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Roswell content (lots of it) it July 2000 issue of J14

“J-14” July 2000 submitted by MyrnaLynne

page 14 “Scene Everywhere” Picture of Brendan Fehr (in Bulldog Hockey t-shirt, dog tags, the Wool Hat) with his arm around Katherine Heigl (in denim jacket) – whose name they misspelled btw

Alien Encounters! “Roswell” stars Kathryn Heigl and Brendan Fehr get close at the show’s wrap party. Hopefully, it won’t be a “wrap” for good. “Roswell’s” producers hope to keep the show going for at least another full season on the WB. Stay tuned for details!

p. 44 “Hot Words from Hot Stars” (Evil Alien BSB) Howie Dorough, on peer pressure:

“Nobody should conform. I know there’s a lot of peer pressure for teens. I would just say be very family-oriented.”

p. 67 – Photo of Jason Behr on their “Subscribe Right Now!” ad page [worked for me!}

p. 93 – ” Dress for Success!” Photo of Majandra Delfino with short blonde haircut and little blue dress.

p. 100 “TV Previews” Roswell photo of Michael, Isabel, Liz and Max with caption “Expect a little more of a creepy X-Files element to Roswell next year!”

Loyal teen viewers save three WB shows from being canceled!

Although they don’t get the rating of a “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” shows like Popular, Felicity, and Roswell are favorites with teen viewers. When the WB was ready to announce its fall schedule, these three shows didn’t seem likely to return. So savvy Internet-users started a campaign to save their favorite series, sending the networks thousands of bottles of Tabasco sauce (in honor of Roswell, whose aliens live off the stuff) and hair samples (as an ode to Keri Russell’s famous short ‘do). The plan worked! All three shows will be back in the fall, though not necessarily in the same places. “Roswell” stays on Mondays at 9 p.m., while Popular moves to 9 p.m. Fridays and “Felicity” to Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

and, the best for last, p. 108 “Guys Confess their personal secrets”

1/2 page picture of Jason Behr (green shirt, green background, silver earring, spiky hair) [old photo and old info, but hey, whose complaining?!]

Down to earth, but not of this earth

After a lengthy day on the set of the WB drama “Roswell,” how does the star of the show Jason Behr unwind for the evening? Is he going to hit some clubs and party the night away? Is he going cruising with the guys? None of the above. Jason’s idea of a good time is simple: He is content just vegging out, watching movies and eating pizza with some friends. “Movies, for me, usually mean a bunch of my buddies and a stack of pizza boxes,” he says. “We try to create as much of a theater atmosphere as possible, so we turn the house lights out. Sometimes, we even spill Coke and spread out Jujubes for authenticity.” Jason is a real movie buff who treasures his growing supply of Blockbuster coupons. Come on, girls, admit it: Staying home and cuddling with Jason doesn’t seem at all like an alien encounter. In fact, it sounds out of this world!


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