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Thanks to Sheila for letting me know about this :)

J-14 Roswell Quiz

What state is Roswell in?
[input] New Mexico
[input] South Dakota
[input] Nevada
[input] Texas

What condiment is irresistible to the Roswell aliens?
[input] Ketchup
[input] Mustard
[input] Tabasco Sauce
[input] Mayonnaise

What star of Roswell has a famous actor for a dad?
[input] Jason Behr
[input] Brendan Fehr
[input] Majandra Delfino
[input] Colin Hanks

What is the name of Liz’s fathers café?
[input] Café Madrid
[input] The Crashdown Café
[input] Café Ole
[input] The Flying Cup and Saucer

What is the sheriff’s last name on Roswell?
[input] Jackson
[input] Miller
[input] Valenti
[input] Gilroy

What character disguised himself as Max in season 1?
[input] Michael
[input] Kyle
[input] Nasedo
[input] Alex

What does Liz do for work?
[input] She waitresses
[input] She works for a congresswoman
[input] She works at a video store
[input] She does hair and nails

What year was “The Crash?”
[input] 1957
[input] 1951
[input] 1947
[input] 1966

What is Isabell’s power?
[input] She can manipulate people’s dreams
[input] She can heal people
[input] She can change her appearance
[input] She can erase people’s memories

What song did Maria perform at the dance?
[input] In the Air Tonight
[input] My Love Will Go On
[input] Take A Little Piece of My Heart
[input] Respect

Thanks to Jill for this :)
I found this on the WB11 web page. It’s for the NY/NJ area.

Weekly poll

Max realizes he cannot remain a passive leader after Nasedo is murdered,
yet Max wants the aliens to “try to blend in.” Michael is frustrated with
Max’s strategy and wants to go on the offensive to find and destroy the
enemy aliens before they find them.
Max – He knows what is best for the group and blending in is the
best thing to do
Michael – Finding the enemy aliens and destroying them is the best
think to do

Tess finds a new home with the Sheriff and a very unhappy Kyle, who returns
from football camp with a new attitude. Do you think a relationship will
spark up between Tess and Kyle since Max is in love with Liz?
Yes: Tess and Kyle are more compatible
No: Tess is determined to follow her destiny by rejoining Max as
his wife

Thanks to EROSIN for sending this in :)

Just checked out the WB Haunted Mansion vote and Roswell needs help!!! Angel has taken the lead in the mansion, as for Buffy and Cordelia, they are too close to Michael for comfort! The next cast will be chosen according to who is in the top 10 with the most votes, therefore Kyle and Alex are just barely in !!! So next time you get a chance GO VOTE!!!!

Actual cast:
307801 Angel (Angel)
252269 Max (Roswell)
93662 Michael (Roswell)
91261 Buffy (BtVS)
90404 Cordelia (Angel)

Next cast:
4420 Maria (Roswell)
4316 Liz (Roswell)
4227 Spike (Roswell)
3369 Oz (BtVS)
3071 Faith (BtVS)
2835 Wesley (Angel)
2658 Jake (Young Americans)
2535 Doyle (Angel)
2466 Alex (Roswell)
1645 Kyle (Roswell)

Thanks to Litzie132 and CURLYF3310 for this :) If you have AOL-go vote under the Music topic

AOL is taking nominations for best TV theme song, so we could support Dido by
nominating Roswell and Here With Me!