Dido on ‘The Box ‘ + 2nd season of roswell high (UK)

Thanks to Chloe for this:

This is for those who live in the UK.
You can now select Dido’s ‘Here with me’ on the tv’s
‘The Box’ (smash hits you control).
So for those of you who have it go order it. The
selection number is 290, (check first)
Dido is getting well known in the UK (about time!!!).
And i think the single will be coming out to buy in
Febuary to buy, however i’m and not certain when.
I also read somewhere that she might be doing a
concert in the UK but i am not sure if that is
definate or not.
Also the second season of Roswell High (thats what
roswell is called out here) will be starting on Sky
one in Febuary, (i think its the 21st) so make sure
you watch it.