Transcription of first part of Destiny book

Thanks to Seedsweet for this :)

Alright everyone, I transcribed the first part of the Destiny book off the
screen when Liz had it on the computer.

You are the Royal four. Zan the king. Ava the queen. Vilandra his sister.
Rath his councilor. You were created from the genetic material of your alien
predecessors and human subjects. You were given human form so that you could
live safely on the planet undetected until the time comes for your return.
You have been given the granlith, a transport between this planet and Antar.
You have also been given communication technology which will allow you to
access information from your true home. The chamber containing your
hibernation pods and the granlith has been hidden away from human
settlement. It can only be accessed by the four of you. You have been
provided with a guardian who will protect you from danger and keep you
hidden from your enemies, both human

———That’s where the first part ended. The rest was a little harder so
if no one else transcribes it, I’ll try to do it by tomorrow night.