Ultimate Roswell Season 1 – Liz and Max Mix

It just takes four chords of “Here With Me” to think about Roswell…

When Jason Katims was working on getting the Roswell DVDs released, he was faced with a difficult decision. Due to extremely expensive licensing fees, they either had to replace a lot of the original songs that played on the show, or not release the DVDs.

We’re glad that the show came out on DVD, even if it’s sad to relinquish some wonderful songs for budgeting reasons.

Allison was recently looking for the original music in order to make some Ultimate Roswell Music playlists. She told Crashdown “I still love the DVD collection, but it doesn’t have quite the same feel as the original series.”

Today you can check out the first playlist which is entitled “Ultimate Roswell Season 1 – Liz and Max Mix”. Please tell us what you think in the comments below. Another great playlist will be added to the site next week.

Please note: Playlist created by Allison D. – Cover by Crashdown. For Fans, by Fans. No financial gain whatsoever is made.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Roswell Season 1 – Liz and Max Mix

  • The playlists are “For Fans, by Fans”. We can be pretty sure that another official Roswell soundtrack won’t be released ever, just like a DVD set with the original songs. The licensing fees are still extremely expensive.

    This fan made playlist is a nice goodie and Allison did a great job. She picked some great songs.

  • Oldbill

    nice hope; that a CD with the original music could become available agian of a DVD updted with the sound tracts

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