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“Love And Other Troubles” – Trailer

The trailer for “Love And Other Troubles” with Emilie de Ravin has been released. According to the official Facebook page, a subtitled version will be available soon as well.

Please follow this link and watch the trailer.

The Finnish movie is about the former child star Ville and his eccentric father who both fall in love with the same woman – a funny and quirky American student, played by Emilie de Ravin, who teaches country line-dancing at the local activity center.

“Love And Other Troubles” was filmed in Turku this summer. Emilie de Ravin revealed to the press that it is interesting to play a role in a bilingual movie, since it opens the door to a new type of comedy. The movie is set to premiere in Finnland in spring 2012.

The Finnish title for the film is “Hulluna Saraan” (Crazy about Sara).

© Photo courtesy of Bronson Club / Love And Other Troubles

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