Baron And Toluca

B+T Tweets Noticed

The video on demand service Hulu noticed some fan tweets about “Baron And Toluca” this week. When Alien Advocates asked “Is @HULU the perfect HOME? We say YES. Please pick it up! #scifi #BARONandTOLUCA” the streaming service thanked the fan account for the suggestion and added in a reply “We’ll let our content team know that you’d love to see Baron and Toluca on Hulu in the future. ✅”

Many fans reacted to the tweet already. Nati wrote to Hulu: “#BaronAndToluca deserves to happen. The fans are here waiting for it & we know @unrealfehr and @MajandraD are gonna give us their best “ and Dannyelle‏ stated that the “The 5 minute promo was more exciting than some shows on air.” and she added “Incredible chemistry, a loyal, pre-built passionate fanbase- you can’t go wrong.”

Hulu also reacted to a post on Twitter by the @RoswellBack team some days later and they confirmed again that the feedback by the fans has been noticed. Please find Hulu’s tweets below and comment, retweet, share and like in order to show your support.

In addition, please don’t stop talking about the show and introduce your fellow Roswellians to the project. Share the amazing promo, sign the petition, take some BandTtravels2TV photos and post them on your social media pages.

Maybe we can soon watch B+T “Anywhere, Anytime …”

//EDIT: Here’s another reply from Hulu to a fan tweet:

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