The Pilot – Roswell Real-Time Re-Watch (Oct. 6th at 5 PM)

Are you going to join us on October 6th? Since Twitter did not exist in 1999, we are going to live tweet some of our favorite Roswell episodes. As previously announced, we will watch all the episodes on their original airing date.

Since it’s fall, new shows premiere and others return with brand-new episodes, we won’t stick to the time slot of Roswell’s original first run. We decided to kick-off the online viewing party on Friday, October 6th at 5 PM EST. With this little change even more fans world-wide are able to join in. Please check this link, if you are not sure what time this is in your country.

Keep an eye on our social media handles for many nice & nostalgic posts.

We are tweeting live. Join us as we go back in time and revisit Roswell. You are a big part of this rewatch. Let’s make it a fun one!

Roswell, The Pilot

Starting time: 5 PM, EST
Crashdown Chat: 6 PM EST with fun facts

Use the hashtag #SilverhandPrint for all your tweets!

Season 1 – Re-watch Schedule

The Pilot – First aired: October 6, 1999
The Morning After – First aired: October 13, 1999
Monsters – First aired: October 20, 1999
Leaving Normal – First aired: October 27, 1999
Missing – First aired: November 3, 1999
285 South – First aired: November 10, 1999
River Dog – First aired: November 17, 1999
Blood Brother – First aired: November 24, 1999
Heat Wave – First aired: December 1, 1999
The Balance – First aired: December 15, 1999

In the meantime, please let us know if you’d like to constribute anything.  In addition, please make sure to help us put some exclusive content together for the Roswell Anniversary, too! Contact us via social media or mail to and make this Anniversary super-special.

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