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Watch Brendan’s Instagram Live & Order Your B+T Merch soon!

Brendan Fehr did a surprise Instagram Live session yesterday and there are some big news:

First: The second B+T promo will be released on October 1st, 2020! The promo is seven minutes long and was filmed in L.A. last summer.

Second: Majandra and Brendan are going to work on a B+T short next. Thanks to all the merchandise orders with over 300 sales, a 15 minutes short will be produced and it sounds like that Majandra is already in writing mood.

This being said, you shouldn’t wait any longer to order your B+T merch. Brendan mentioned, that the sale will end soon. Go to, choose your favorite items (or all) and write an email to with your order. Check out this post for more information: B+T Merch

Shipping costs for international orders will be given soon, too.

Let’s see if the Dans can add some additional minutes to the short or spice it up with additional orders.

Watch the full live which features a “Surprise guest invader” on Brendan‘s Instagram.