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“One For The Money” Release Date

Kheigl.com reports that Lionsgate announced that action comedy crime thriller “One For The Money” will be released in theaters on July 8th, 2011.

Katherine is currently busy filming in the Pittsburgh area. The Film is based on the Janet Evanovich’s best selling novel of the name same and is one of a series of books based around the character Stephanie Plum.

Find out what Katherine tells about Debbie Reynolds who will play Grandma Mazur:


Reynolds will play the part of the feisty Grandma Mazur, the outspoken, outrageous advisor and maternal grandmother to Katheine’s character.

“Grandma Mazur is such a great character,” Katherine told Deadline. “She’s really feisty and the one who’s a real mentor to Stephanie Plum. We needed somebody for the part who would speak her mine and even be a little edgy. We approached Debbie Reynolds because she has that ‘Molly Brown’ as a contemporary grandmother. She’s so perfect for the part. Then she read it, loved it and joined immediately.”

Source: Kheigl.com