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“Chicago Fire” – Watch Episode 104

If you missed Shiri Appleby’s first appearance on “Chicago Fire” you now have the chance to watch the full episode on the official website. Shiri plays Lauren German’s pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Here is the link: Full Episode – Ep 104 One Minute (Available Until: 12/06/2012)

From the Episode Recap:

[…] Shay and Dawson are called in to a baby shower to help a caterer with a nasty cut, but when the women are asked to take a look at the mother-to-be, they’re both stunned to see that it’s Clarice Schwartz. Back when she was known as Clare and also a lesbian, she was Shay’s girlfriend. In the ambulance, it’s clear that there are still sparks between the two women, who can’t keep their eyes off each other even though Clare’s husband is seated right next to them. At the firehouse, Mills’ sister stops by to bring the guys food. Sparks fly between her and Severide as he helps her with the bags, but she’s out the door so quick it’s as if she was never there. […]

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