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Frakes Jumping Onto Fast Track Film


Frakes Jumping Onto Fast Track Film
posted: 11:54 am ET
30 May 2000

Jonathan Frakes, familiar to Star Trek fans as The Next Generation’s Commander William Riker, has taken over the helm on the upcoming film Clockstoppers.

Clockstoppers, a co-production of Paramount and Nickelodeon Films, aims at bringing weird science to a younger audience by telling the story of an inventor who accidentally speeds up his son and several of his juvenile friends.

Since the film has not yet been cast, the studios involved were reluctant to give a release date, even a tentative one.

However, Frakes’ schedule is notoriously busy — the actor-turned-director’s time is divided among producing television’s Roswell, trying to fit in the next Star Trek film and outside projects — and so it is unlikely the film will hit theaters before late 2001.

Ironically, the project has been on the slow track through cinematic limbo for the last two years. Dennis Dugan (Happy Gilmore, Beverly Hills Ninja) originally signed to direct the movie in May 1993, but slow progress eventually encouraged the veteran kiddie-comedy director to seek other projects.

Dugan eventually went on to direct sleeper hit Big Daddy, as well as the less successful UPN television program Shasta McNasty.