Toy House is TV Guide’s Editor’s choice

Thanks to Christi for sending this in!

TV Guide names Roswell as it’s Editors’ Choice for next week.

The episode is The Toy House and here’s the scoop from page 106:

Max and Isabel clash over revealing their alien origins to their adoptive mother in this emotionally charged episode from January.

The conflict arises after Max (Jason Behr) uses his powers to save his mother (Mary Ellen Trainor) from a serious grease fire. Although Max is initially able to explain it away, the
incident reminds his mom of a strange occurrence from his childhood. Years ago he inadvertently used his alien abilities and was caught on videotape. As their mother struggles to understand her son’s behavior, Isabel pressures Max to finally tell the truth. But Michael doesn’t trust Mrs. Evans, warning Max that “adults are the enemy”.


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