Teen People Romance Issue – Roswell Mentions

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From Fanforum Daliana:

Note: I’m so going to beg my boss for the mag!

Hey everybody!!!

Just wanted to tell you guys that there is this amazing Brendan and Majandra photo layout in the new teen people on page 112. It has amazing pictures and they talk about each other and their characters. It’s probably the best Roswell pictures i’ve ever seen but I may be biased since i’m a candygirl…

There is 6 pictures of them. 2 two page ones and the rest take up one page each. It’s the romance issue and has a valentine candy theme (very fitting). The two best pictures IMO is a two page full layout one where Maj and Bren are pictured in a heart and Maj is looking at the camera and Bren is looking at her. And then the last one where their swinging on this big licorice swing. Brendan has M+M written on his t-shirt. It’s so amazing!!!

A must buy!!!


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p112: Big two page picture with Majandra in a thinking pose and then in her left hand corner is Brendan smiling, with this candy rainbow all around him.

here’s what it says on this page:


Against a candy-coated backdrop, Roswell sweetheart Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino have a clothes encounter of the romantic kind.

How sweet: MD and BF-aka couple du jour on TV’s Roswell-get romantic in lovely, perfect for february 14 fashion. Sparks have been said to fly between these two off screen as well, but the on-again, off-again couple say they’re just pals these days. When they met 2 years ago on the Roswell set, it was hardly a fast friendship. “I hated Brendan the first day I met him,” says Majandra, recalling Brendan’s initial standoffishness. “He was like ‘Girls have cooties.’ I told the producer, ‘don’t put us in any scenes together.'” So much for that. These days fans of the sci-fi drama demand-and get-many a scene with their alter ego’s, Maria and Micheal.

p114: Maj and Bren both wearing red and posing exatly like a picture next to them. Brendan is in back of Majandra with his hand on her shoulders.

p115: Majandra sitting all by herself on this giant ball in a lime green dress.

here’s what it says on this page:

Red hot majandra, 19, and Brendan, 23, model the look of love in this season’s most heart-stopping color – and that’s just perfect by these little devils. “We have this thing where we push each other into bushes or people walking by,” says Majandra of how they amuse each other. “The otehr day, he pushed me into a water cooler!”

p116: Gorgeous picture. You just see their faces pictures in this giant heart. Brendan is looking at Majandra and she’s looking straight at the camera. My second favorite!!!

Here’s the caption:

Evil forces in roswell seem determined to keep earthling Maria and Alien Micheal apart. But in real life, Majandra and Brendan spend a lot of their free time together. “She HAS to hang with me,” says Brendan, “I’m one of teh few people who will put up with the stuff she pulls.” Obviously used to such comments, Majandra takes hsi teasing in stride. “Yeah, that’s why I’m friends with him,” she says sarcastically, “because I have no choice!”

p.118: Hot picture of Brendan!!! he looks very yummy!!! He’s standing in front of a giant candy cane and holding licorice on his shoulders as if it were rope.

p.119: My favorite picture!!! Their both sitting on this licorice swing with their hair blowing in the wind and these huge smiles on their faces. Their both barefoot and Brendand has this top written M+M on it. It’s like teh cutest picture!!!


Mum’s the word on the future of their off-screen relationship. As far as Roswell goes, though, Majandra and Brendan both hope that their characters will remain close. Says Brendan: “Whatever happens, i hope I keep having scenes with Majandra because she’s so fun to work with.”