Various Articles and Information On “Roswell”

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hi. i got my ew mag and there’s a Brendan Fehr mention on page 19 under the
‘He Bangs’ section. It’s about guys having fringes and here’s a few of the

He Bangs

How’s it hanging? Much longer for many male celebs who’ve gone from spiky to
shagadelic with ’70s-esque bangs.

Backstreet boys Kevin Richardson and Nick Carter bang away on stage, and
other worldly hottie BRENDAN FEHR sports a feathered moptop on Roswell.

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January 2001 ‘entertainmenteen’ magazine has lots of Roswell this issue:

There is an interview with Nick Wechsler with a photo of Nick and photo of Max, Liz, and Kyle from “285 South” on p. 7, and a little picture of Nick on p. 1, the contents page (article submitted separately).

p. 12, Under “Sound bites spotlight.. Wacky Quotes, 2000, Brendan Fehr is quoted as saying “Some days, I think I can blow [Robert] DeNiro off the screen. But some days, I don’t know if I can act my way out of a paper bag.”

The “First Annual eteen Awards” on p. 24 has a photo of Jason and Shiri as “Couple We’d Like to See” and says: Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby – TV show or not, there’s some major chemistry here.

Also on p. 24, photo of Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino (in big reddish sunglasses) are voted “Best Onscreen to Offscreen Couple” – Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino-they work and play together.

p. 27 Photo of Majandra in one of her unique outfits (black v-neck dress with a cord sash and a white cape) voted “Wanna Try That Again? Hall of Fame Award”

p. 43 Photo of Shiri Appleyby and her birthday listed (12/7/78) as representign Sagittarius in the horoscope section.

p. 47 (inside back cover), hot photo of Brendan Fehr in hard hat, white T-shirt, with hammer and the caption: “Hunk for Humanity Brendan Fehr helped the nonprofit organization ‘Habitat for Humanity’ construct affordable housing at their Build 2000 event.”

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The Dec./Jan. Issue of TeenStyle:
Pg. 20 “She’s Crafty” (Majandra in “I love You Mom” shirt)
Pg. 138-139 “Star Secrets” Shiri’s “Makeup moves”
Pg. 146-147 “Star Secrets” Katherine’s “Makeup moves”
Pg. 192 “Pretty in Pink” (Katherine in a pink dress)