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Staff Annoucement: Welcome Sarah!

Dear visitors,

It’s time for a staff announcement!

Please welcome my friend Sarah to We have known each other for a long time and I am glad to announce that you will see more of her great posts on the website as well as on social media. Actually, she has been a profound member or part of Crashdown for many years but let’s make it official now! She took care of Crashdown during my vacation last year and I am glad that she continued to post on Facebook as part of our endeavor to keep Roswellians up to date.

In addition, Sarah jumps in whenever I can’t be around. Most recently she joined the IndieVue Streaming event, which happend to be at 3 AM in my time zone. Sarah has helped me over the past years developing ideas and creating fun events and I really appreciate her feedback and friendship.

You may have seen some of her well-thought-through tweets on Twitter, too. She is a dedicated Stargazer and brought the a-MAY-zing MAYbeRoswell theme to Crashdown as well as 10 Adventures to Last 10 Lifetimes! and we both developed the fun Friends=Fans back in 2013, which was partly a #RoswellMovie campaign and about gaining new fans.

Keep an eye out for her next posts and please check out her latest articles and co-written here:

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Welcome to Sarah! Get to know Sarah in an upcoming Q&A and please send her a warm welcome.

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