Roswell, NM – Music Guide

Christopher T. Mollere is a film and tv music supervisor and he is currently working on The CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico”. He decided to share the full list of songs on Twitter for every episode, which is pretty amazing. Please make sure to follow him @cmollere.

After the pilot aired on January 15th, 2019 he sent out a special thank you to the live band, who played on stage of the High School reunion. Houndmouth played their song “SEDONA” as well as a cover of The Counting Crows “ Mrs. Potters Lullaby“ in the first episode of The CW’s re-imagining. Mollere wrote: “Extra special thx to @houndmouth for traveling to be part of our premiere episode of @CWRoswellNM as our band for the reunion scenes! We had even more of their amazing songs in the episode that they performed for the party, but we had to unfortunately cut some of those scenes.”

In addition, the episode titles are inspired by songs. This was an idea by showrunner and writer Carina Adly MacKenzie.

Episode Guide Songs

We created a Spotify Playlist with all the songs. Listen to them here: Roswell, New Mexico – Episode Guide Songs

Season 1 – Music Guide

We are adding all the songs to this Spotify Playlist: Roswell, New Mexico – Season 1

#101 The Pilot – Music
#102 So Much For the Afterglow – Music
#103 Tearin’ Up My Heart – Music & Rosa’s 90s CD mix
#104 Where Have All The Cowboy’s Gone – Music
#105 Don’t Speak – Music
#106 Smells Like Teen Spirit – Music
#107 I Saw the Sign – Music
#108 Barely Breathing – Music
#109 Songs About Texas – Music
#110 I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Music
#111 Champagne Supernova – Music
#112 Creep – Music
#113 Recovering the Satellites – Music

Season 2 – Music Guide

We are adding all the songs to this Spotify Playlist: Roswell, New Mexico – Season 2

#201 Stay (I Missed You) – Music
#202 Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating in Space – Music
#203 Good Mother – Music
#204 What If God Was One of Us – Music
#205 I’ll Stand By You – Music
#206 Sex And Candy – Music
#207 Como La Flor – Music
#208 Say It Ain’t So – Music
#209 The Diner – Music
#210 American Woman – Music
#211 Linger – Music
#212 Crash Into Me – Music
#213 Mr. Jones – Music