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Alexander, Brandy
Isabels’s fake ID name in Vegas is Brandy Alexander. Brandy helps bride Tracy to remove a very tough Merlot spot from her wedding dress, since a dumb Canadian slamed into her. In addition, her maid of honor got a food poisoning from the breakfast buffet and thereupon Tracy asks Brandy to be her maid of honor and Isabel agrees. As Brandy, Isabel is flirting with a charming stranger. At the end of it, she’s just too wholesome to spend the night with him. All fake ID names Michael created are drinks. “Brandy Alexander” is a an after-dinner-drink consisting of Brandy, Cocoa Liqueur and cream. It is also called “The Alexander” or “Alexander II” a cocktail, often with Gin instead of Brandy.
Submitted by: Lena

Sean DeLuca calls Alex "Alice" to mock him.
Submitted by: Tom

Alien Abyss
“Another one being sucked into the alien abyss,” is Maria's response to Alex who seems to be interested into Isabel. Once near the abyss your in the game - forever.
Submitted by: Tom

Alien Hunter
Alien Hunters are persons, who are – as the name already says, on a hunt after extraterrestial ones. They belong to a secret special force at the FBI. Nothing stops them and they even put innocent people away to receive their goal. As for example Agent Pierce. After Ms. Topolsky was exposed as FBI Agent by Alex, Pierce got the mission to unmask Max as an alien and to take him as a prisoner – and he succeeds. After he imprisoned Max, he tortures him and tries to bring him to make a confession. In addition, Pierce wants to find out how the communicators work. But Max friends can save him and Pierce gets killed by Michael. Nasedo shapeshifts into Pierce and represents him at the FBI. He succeeds to make the Special Unit look silly. Besides the ‘professional’ alien hunter people like Everett Hubble, who have personal reasons, to hunt extraterrestrials.
Submitted by: Curly

Alien Takedown
Amy DeLuca presented the "Alien Takedown: The Alienator vs. Raging Ray" at the UFO Convention in Roswell. In the wrestling match an alien was fighting against a human competitor. The fight took place at the UFO Center.
Submitted by: Tom

A wrestler. See 'Alien Takedown' for more information.

Antar is the homeplanet, located in the Whirlwind Galaxy. Max, Isabel and Michael don’t have exact memories of their homeplanet. But along with Tess, Max begins to remember some details. Antar has three moons, burnt orange and there are no clouds. It looks very surreal like a painting. The water is much thicker than the water on Earth. Heavier. Tess remembers the feeling of swimming through it, “..the water reforms around your body and it feels like you’re swimming in… jello.” Once, Zan was the king of this planet. He was married to Ava. Together with his Commander Rath he pleaded for peace. Vilandra, Zan’s sister, fell in love with their enemy Kivar.
Submitted by: Lena

James P. Atherton’s home and Research Center was located in Marathon. His working place was a unique Astrodome. There he watched the sky and worked on his books.
Submitted by: Lena

Atherton, James P.
(1911 – 1959) James Atherton was born from humble origins in East Pohawnee, Tennessee in 1911. Raised during a difficult time in America, Atherton watched as both World War I and the depression tore his family apart. Taking solace in watching the skies, young Atherton impressed the stronomy department at East Pohawnee Technical Institute enought to gain a full scholarship-and a new star watcher was born. At first, Atherton dug into his studies with relish. But he soon wearied of charting star courses and light beams refracting off nova bursts. When his curiosity was peaked by infamous 1927 Buffalo Visitation, he knew he’d found his true calling – extra-terrestrial contact with this planet. Atherton is described my Milton Ross as “A bit on the alternative side". The book author had an underground following, but was never truly embraced by the mainstream. He wrote in his book that aliens wouldn’t possess the lung capacity or brain capacity for more than short-term survival on Earth. Atherton was on to something amazing, possibly direct contact. Legend has it that he was abducted by aliens because he disappeared in 1959. In fact, Atherton made ‘contact’ years after the Roswell incident. He met the alien Nasedo and wrote the the book “Among Us”, which was published in 1955. According to River Dog, Nasedo gave a pendant with an alien symbol to Atherton and he was one of the only people Nasedo trusted. Atherton disappeared in 1959. In that year, he was killed by Nasedo. James Valenti Sr., father of Sherrif Jim Valenti, was the sheriff in charge at this time and he discovered the body of the famous UFOlogist. The body was left with a silverhandprint, identical to the one Max left on Liz when he healed her. Sheriff Valenti showed the photos of a corpse with the silverhandprint to Liz, when he was questioning her. The photos were marked: Nov 16, 1959.
Submitted by: Lena (Info via the Roswell UFO Center Database)

Ava is the dupe of Tess, who’s from the second pod. She lived hidden in New York with Lonnie, Rath and Zan. She was the girlfriend of Zan – the leader. After the homicide of Zan by Rath and Lonnie, they all go to Roswell. But Ava refuses to work with Rath and Lonnies wrong play. She finds a hideout at Liz’s home ans she trusts Liz and tells her about Rath and Lonnies notions. Ava leaves Roswell with an unknown direction.
Submitted by: Lena