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“Roswell” from A to Z. Please beware of spoilers, if you are watching The WB/UPN show for the first time.

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Ramirez, Estelle
Estelle Ramirez is the mother of Jesse Ramirez.
Submitted by: Lena

Ramirez, Jesse
After his studies at Harvard University, Jesse Ramirez comes back to Roswell. There, he works in the office of Philip Evans as a lawyer. He marries Isabel Evans after a 4 month relationship.
Submitted by: Curly

Rath is Michael Guerin's dupe from New York. He's in a relationship with Lonnie.
Submitted by: Lena

River Dog
Elder Native American from the Mesaliko Reservation outside of town who, when he was just a boy, saved the life of another alien living in the area back in 1959. He called the alien Nasedo, which means visitor. He has not seen Nasedo since 1959 and, because he saw a man named Atherton die at the hands of Nasedo, he is uncertain whether his intentions are good or evil but he decides to help Max, Isabel and Michael find him anyway. He shows Max a message on a cave wall, left behind by Nasedo and, when Michael comes down with the same illness that almost killed Nasedo, River Dog heals him using the crystal rocks Nasedo also left behind.
Submitted by: Joan

Roswell County Hall
The place for concerts in Roswell. Alex wanted to see Beth Orton at 'Roswell County Hall'. Liz found two tickets for the concert in Alex' room. Liz was convinced that Alex did not commit suicide, but rather had plans to invite Isabel to a romantic concert date.
Submitted by: Tom

Roy, Rob
Rob Roy is Max' alias in Las Vegas.
Submitted by: Curly

Royal Four

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